May 15, 2020

Consumers Want Hopeful, Helpful COVID-19 Messaging

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, local health systems have the obligation and the opportunity to be much-needed leaders in their communities. By addressing consumer communication needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, health systems can exemplify their brand and build lifetime customer value all while keeping their communities safe.

Right now, Americans trust their local health systems for information more than any other source. Your organization can address consumer needs by utilizing your employees, being a regional leader and resource for local businesses, and prioritizing hopeful messaging. Download our free PDF and learn how your health system can lead and succeed through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our newest white paper explains how the following strategies help your health system through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Utilize your CEO and Chief Medical Officer to share scientific information with the public
  • Share your brand's key messaging through your frontline employees
  • Continue regional leadership in the current chaotic communications climate
  • Become a resource for local businesses by equipping them with safety protocols and public health information
  • Prioritize hopeful messaging such as stories of recovered patients and frontline heroes 


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Leih Boyden

Resident word-wrangler, Leih is a meticulous and imaginative copywriter. Rolling up her sleeves, she’s not afraid to grapple with the tiniest footnote or a mighty headline. She knows firsthand the power of the pen from her previous sociological work. By delving into the minds of clients and customers, she crafts a unique voice for every brand, which directly speaks to and spurs target audiences into action. Leih’s constantly refining her craft for her clients by greedily reading the marketing canon, the backs of cereal boxes and everything in between.

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