June 22, 2020

3 Strategies for CMOs to Lead and Succeed

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) can continue to bring value exactly where it’s needed by solving adaptive challenges with analytical frameworks, clear C-suite communication, advocating for the customer and leading corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The average tenure of CMOs fell in 2019 to the lowest number since 2009. With the rise of technology, COVID-19 and other societal movements, changes have compounded to create a marketing landscape that is evolving moment by moment. CMOs have more responsibility and are subsuming more roles than ever before. With needed proficiency in everything from data security to customer insights, CMOs must continue to adapt to bring value. CMOs are continually challenged to prove the effectiveness of their work. Quantifying your company’s marketing decisions is difficult as customers, competitors and societal values continually change. CMOs, while often tasked with tactical challenges need to focus on adaptive challenges within their organization and their field. With a broader, strategic role, CMOs can drive growth and lead other C-Suite partners.   

Our newest white paper explains the following strategies.

  • Use analytical frameworks, such as systems thinking, for decision making
  • Communicate clearly with C-suite partners
  • Advocate for the needs of customers and consumers
  • Lead corporate social responsibility and corporate social justice initiatives

Learn more in-depth information about each strategy by requesting our white paper.



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Leih Boyden

Resident word-wrangler, Leih is a meticulous and imaginative copywriter. Rolling up her sleeves, she’s not afraid to grapple with the tiniest footnote or a mighty headline. She knows firsthand the power of the pen from her previous sociological work. By delving into the minds of clients and customers, she crafts a unique voice for every brand, which directly speaks to and spurs target audiences into action. Leih’s constantly refining her craft for her clients by greedily reading the marketing canon, the backs of cereal boxes and everything in between.

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